Want to become an ambassador?

In each of the regions covered, an ambassador is in charge of finding new places to sleep and beautiful authentic experiences for travelers. Thus, each trip becomes unique from the proposed experiences, close to the know-how and the territories.

In order to find fabulous spots on exceptional private land, the EVAZION team has expanded with ambassadors in different regions.

Their role? To create for you the conditions for a serene and unforgettable trip. They travel the territories in search of unusual experiences, incredible spots and stay in touch with you if you have any questions. A hike, a restaurant or a viewpoint not to be missed, they are the ones who propose the experiences associated with our spots to offer a complete road trip to those who wish it. They are also the privileged interlocutor of the landowners and allow us to offer you more and more spots.

Send us a quick email with the area you know by heart 🙂

our ambassadors

Pierre-Henri who is part of the Evazion team


Pierre-Henri is a process engineer by training, he has become a secondary school teacher. He knew the team thanks to his land in Plozevet in the south Finistère, since then he acts as an ambassador for Brittany. He has travelled a lot by backpacking and sailing, he is a surfer, does market gardening, renovation and is president of the badminton club of his town.
Manuela ambassador at Evazion


Manuela is passionate about astrophysics and mountains (mountaineering, paragliding), she is currently studying computer development. Born in Mayenne, she migrated to the Alps 8 years ago, and has been living in Belledonne for 1 year. She loves travelling by leg power. Convinced by the necessity to totally rethink our "western habits", she joined the EVAZION ambassadors team with this in mind.
Simon who is part of the Evazion team


Simon lives in Belgium near the EVAZION offices. He joined the team in the summer of 2022 in order to find spots and experiences in new regions. For the moment he is working in Normandy. Lover of nature and all that it offers, the more time passes and the more the EVAZION project corresponds to him. He hopes to be able to bring back a maximum of travelers to the authentic, to rediscover the soils and the happiness of the slow travel.
Didier ambassador at Evazion


Didier was born at the foot of the Pyrenees, he then lived 12 years in Finistère in Brittany, he was a wine owner for almost 20 years in the Corbières and lastly a Blacksheep licensee for 3 years. Lover of wide open spaces, ardent defender of local productions, amateur of off-road cycling, he joined EVAZION to take part in this new adventure.
Teddy ambassador at Evazion


Teddy works in the field of construction and is particularly interested in eco-responsible building systems for the preservation of the environment. He is a lover of nature and open spaces. Born in the Cotentin marshes, between land and sea, he joined the team of ambassadors to discover the beautiful landscapes of Normandy.
Thibaut ambassador at Evazion


Thibault is originally from Serre Chevalier, he has been traveling in a van and a ZOE with a roof tent throughout France and Africa for almost 20 years. Passionate about board sports and travels, he joined the EVAZION adventure in order to make discover splendid spots and the various richness of his region.
Vincent ambassador at Evazion


Vincent is a pure Alsatian, fervent vanlifer since 40 years and van renter since 7 years. He is passionate about nature and discoveries, he is today also an EVAZION ambassador for Alsace, Vosges and Jura. He wishes to generate Freedom to all!
Badre ambassador at Evazion


Badre is passionate about travel and more particularly about van life, he opened the Blacksheep van rental agencies in Poitiers and La Rochelle. He joined the ambassador team because he knows very well the problem of crowded spots in high season.
Guardian Evazion


Guardian Evazion