Bucket list of the van trip

If life in a van sells dreams, it is because it allows us to reconnect with our environment. Suddenly, the sun gives rhythm to our days, the watch is forgotten. The grass tickles our feet, the wild life keeps us company. We relearn to be part of this whole. 

In this non-exhaustive bucket list, we propose you a review of these little things that make the van life unique.


It slowly declines on the horizon, tinting the sky with pink, orange and red colors. The silhouette of the trees stand out and the details melt into the emerging darkness. The sunset happens every night. Do we even see it? 

If there is one thing that living in a van allows, it is to turn this daily moment into a new ritual: alone or surrounded, let the silence settle and do nothing else but contemplate. Remembering that time flies, it is not only a clock that turns, it is also and above all a sun that rises and sets, offering each day a renewed spectacle.

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It supports us every moment and offers us so much. The ground we walk on every day finds its rightful place in our minds and bodies when we pay attention to it. When we place our bare, sensitive feet on its surface. Van trips push our noses outside. Let's get into the habit of taking off our shoes to enjoy the pleasure of soft grass, the challenge of a rocky corner, the warmth of sun-gilded sand. 

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Everything is energy. Stone balancing is the art of balancing stones and pebbles. These remarkable structures are the work of those who have understood this energy. Gather some stones, feel them, touch them. Develop your patience, your precision. It is not about mastering the elements but rather understanding and feeling them. What better way to merge with the nature that surrounds us? Stone balancing, like the rest of this bucket list, is not exclusive to van trips. But this almost initiatory art is one of those lasting memories we can create during a van trip.


Are we alone? Never! If we open, raise, lower our eyes, an incredible world is revealed. Isn't this ability to really see what we should call augmented reality? Life unfolds: a ladybug lands, ants are busy, a bird of prey hunts, an owl hollers, an egg hatches, a squirrel observes us. Everything is there. The fauna encompasses us. Let us tame each other. Let us learn to consider it, it will remind us that we are not so different, it will bewitch us. And to the register of our beautiful encounters of travel in van will come perhaps to add unexpected beings and personalities high in colors.


Can you spot the Big Bear? North? Identify the phases of the moon? The night sky is full of mysteries. We can look up after dark and predict the weather, search for existential answers, see loved ones gone, let our thoughts flow.

This bucket list of the van trip started with the contemplation of the setting sun. The starry sky that follows is an equally captivating wonder. Experiencing the night, plunging the gaze into the infinite, humans have always done it. For thousands of years, beauty has been waiting for us every night. Let's enjoy it.


Honor the nature that surrounds us and make your next van trip even more unforgettable by taking inspiration from this list.

To do list van life
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