To marvel. To travel. To take care. For each other
and for our living space, our environment. This is not the new way to travel. It is the only way that should resonate now.


If there was ever a turning point in the way we collectively travel, the crisis and the pandemic we have just gone through may be the trigger. The world came to a standstill for a few months. No more planes, no more travel, no more tourism. Nature has reclaimed its rights, quickly and everywhere. It gives us a lesson in humility. It is up to us to seize it. Micro-adventure is gaining ground, we are rediscovering the landscapes that surround us. No need to go far from home to experience and share great moments.

But mass tourism is no longer possible. Not even in a van. Crowded spots, litter, wasted landscapes... The traveller is no longer the only consumer, he has a place to take in the ecosystem. A role to play. A place that must not leave a trace. Or rather, a place that allows them to leave a positive trace. Today's traveller, whether on foot, by bike or in a van, can be seen as a guardian. By his action, by his look, by his responsibility.

The experience of being a nomad in the wilderness transforms us. It probably puts us back in our place in the earth's ecosystem, makes us more humble. It doesn't take much to be amazed when space is at hand. By clearing away the clutter, it forces us to see and listen better and, in fact, to respect.


In the image of ecolieux, inhabited spaces in nature that function on ecological principles, why shouldn't bivouac sites function on the same principle? Why should our stopping places, places for sharing and exchanging with other travellers, be degraded by our passage? 

At a time when humans are coming together in communities of interest, when the principles of cooperation and mutual aid must return to the forefront, at a time when the climate crisis must be a central issue in our modes of organisation, how can we re-imagine travel? How can we bring our thirst for exploration and escape into a virtuous circle where we are not the only beneficiaries but the whole ecosystem benefits?

What if taking care of our space meant collectively buying land, sharing it with other travellers who share similar values to ours and thus creating the first community of nomadic guardians of natural spaces?

Claiming to love nature is no longer enough for us. We, nomadic travellers, who also witness our impact when there are too many of us in one place, think it is time to reclaim our role, to move from spectator to actor, from consumer to guardian. Because falling asleep in the most beautiful places in our regions is a privilege that our children should also have the right to enjoy.

The EVAZION team

Philippe who is part of the Evazion team


After holding executive positions in large technology companies, Philippe has been involved in various innovative projects. Not yet used to the van life, but eager to contribute to projects that make sense, Philippe is representative of the people we want to bring to travel differently. He is in charge of the financial and governance aspects of the project, and is passionate about Web 3.0 and crypto-currencies which are an integral part of our project.
Laurie who is part of the Evazion team


Student-entrepreneur during her studies, she worked in the event and communication industry. Used to the Australian van life and road trips through wide open spaces and breathtaking views. Laurie guides travelers in the van life and takes care of partners and social networks.
Olivier who is part of the Evazion team


Entrepreneur-creator-pioneer, he loves micro-adventures with his daughter Eva, getting lost in nature, climbing and sharing beautiful experiences with his friends. He has turned his passion for natural spaces, adventure and van life into a new challenge, EVAZION, of which he is the driving force. Exploration, ideation and innovation are his roles in the crew.
Gayané who is part of the Evazion team


A lover of wide open spaces, flowers, nature and hiking, she is above all looking for meaning in her missions. She places the preservation of the environment as a central point of any reflection and action. A dreamer with poetic tendencies, the written word is her favourite medium. For EVAZION, she works on storytelling and community.
Christophe who is part of the Evazion team


As an advertising designer for major brands, which he has increasingly turned away from over the last few years, he is now involved in projects that have meaning and a real vision for the future. A lifelong enthusiast of water sports and attracted by large natural spaces and their preservation, but above all curious about everything, EVAZION's values and the van life spirit immediately motivated him. He contributes to the brand image and its creative side through his illustrations and photographs.
Laura who is part of the Evazion team


Passionate about creating digital products, Laura wants to contribute to a project in line with her values. She loves discovery and adventure and loves sharing her travels with her dogs. She now lives in Portugal, a country she hopes to soon share with the EVAZION community. She collaborates on the product design.
Pierre who is part of the Evazion team


Convinced that entrepreneurship is the best way to impact society, he has always been part of this ecosystem to help start-ups become great. Passionate about sports and adventure, it is when he is close to nature that he feels alive! The van life and the EVAZION challenge are therefore missions that make sense to him and for which he participates in the marketing and product creation part.
Virginie who is part of the Evazion team


Passionate about marketing for as long as she can remember, she created her own agency specializing in strategic and operational support for SME marketing teams. When she crossed paths with EVAZION, their common values convinced her to embark on the adventure and thus allow her to combine her passion for travel with that of her profession. Originally from the Vendée and Breton at heart.
Simon who is part of the Evazion team


Sports coach but also photographer in love with nature, animals and birds, he jumps in his roof tent at the slightest opportunity to explore new horizons. Always in search of the best spot, it's with pleasure that he joined the Evazion team in order to unearth little gems so that you too can immerse yourself in nature.
Charlotte who is part of the Evazion team


Likes to live life to the fullest, trying to make each day unique and rich in novelties. One of her main values is to spend time surrounded by her family and friends, and she loves meeting new people. As a mother of two children, van life, the return to nature and the essential takes on a whole new meaning today. Her mission for EVAZION is the creation of the website.
Pierre-Henri who is part of the Evazion team


Lover of the sea and the earth, adventurer in his spare time, engineer and teacher in secondary school. Pierre-Henri is an ambassador of Brittany for EVAZION. He is the guardian of the most beautiful spots in the region, to allow travelers to discover it in the best conditions.
Eva who is part of the Evazion team


Young teenager who needs freedom, she likes nature and the sea but also the sweetness of home. She likes travelling in a van because it allows her to be at home and everywhere in nature at the same time. Draughtswoman and narrator for EVAZION.
Bernard who is part of the Evazion team


As an entrepreneur and consultant for SMEs, he has been involved in collective projects for many years. As the second resident of South Finistère in Brittany, he is particularly enthusiastic about EVAZION's first destination. A regular on boards of directors, he is involved in the strategic thinking and structuring of the project.
Aurélie who is part of the Evazion team


In love with the wilderness, it is by walking that she is able to recharge her batteries. Whether it's distant treks or nearby hikes, for her, holidays can only be spent with her backpack and boots on. When a project makes sense, she gladly lends her pen to give it wings. She is in charge of the EVAZION blog.
Guardian Evazion


What is travelling with EVAZION?


Exceptional private plots of land to guarantee a magical landscape in complete tranquillity with a maximum of 3 occupants per plot.


Suggested experiences
to enhance your trip and give you ideas for picturesque activities.


A community of passionate travellers with the desire to contribute to the preservation of the territories.

Our values


The wonder in your eyes at every new step, encounter and experience.


A charter and values that bring hope, a strong commitment to preserve natural lands.


A network of private land where unforgettable encounters and lasting relationships can be made.


The immense freedom to travel the world and feel at home anywhere.