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Nathalie's road trip

This year, Nathalie decided to take her 3 children on a 10-day road trip in a van
. Objective disconnection from phones, life in the nature and family reconnection. Discover their itinerary, concocted with EVAZION.

Day 1

Putting down your bags in the Village

Walk to the cliffs of Etretat along the coast by taking
a part of the GR21. On your way back, take advantage of the small farmers' market
to prepare your dinner or have dinner in one of the many restaurants of the cute village below. For the most courageous
outside the high season, don't hesitate to swim on the beach
just below the spot

Spend the first night of this road trip on the spot called "The Village" and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Day 2

Dive into history.

After the historical visit to the Castle of William the Conqueror in the morning, take advantage of the afternoon to go for a horse ride or discover
an equestrian show in the oldest of the national stud farms.
For the more adventurous, the immersive park Rustik will allow you
to immerse yourself in the fantastic medieval universe.

For the night, the spot Le Chevalait awaits you in the middle of a field at the back of a longère at the edge of a small water point. Perfect to rest after these adventures.

Day 3

A suspended moment

A day of driving to reach the Breton point and to settle on the beach of Eva, the spot where EVAZION was born. A magnificent viewpoint, a beach
a little hidden and almost private, in short the paradise of the van lifer.
But first, go and admire the sunset at the point of Primel.

Day 4

Eva's Beach

After a short hike in the bay of Morlaix, a short break on
the beach before putting on climbing shoes and climbing on the rocks at Menez Ham. Games on the beach or surfing, chill and reconnect
to nature. In the quiet. This time, admire the sunset on Eva's beach, after a little picnic under the relaxing sound of the waves, and live quietly the night that falls and the nature that is silent.

Day 5

Eating a pancake at Germaine's

Enjoy breakfast on Eva's beach before packing up and heading to Camaret-sur-mer along the coast. Stop for a pancake at Germaine's before getting lost in the Château
of Dinan and settle down to test all the beaches around!

For the night, you will sleep between land and sea, in a spot overlooking
the sea. Arrive in time to enjoy the sunset on the beach
de la Palue.

Day 6

In search of the eyes

Have you noticed the mozaic eyes that adorn some buildings on your way? Continue your hunt and try
to locate the one hidden near Pors Poulhan. Don't pass by
la roulotte à crêpes without stopping there before going for a paddle at the pointe de la Torche. Install the van on our spot with a view
on the magnificent red and white lighthouse which delimits the Bigouden country
and Cap Sizun and enjoy the quietness with your family for a quiet dinner.

Day 7

Lazing on the beach

For the end of this road trip, it's time to refocus and discover a wonderful spot with its private beach. There again, paddle, walk, pancake, eye hunt. The disconnection is not a subject any more in front of the beauty
of the landscapes.

For the night, you will sleep just above the sea.

Day 8

Connecting to the present

Enjoy a little more of the sea by exploring the surrounding beaches
and especially take the time to savor these moments.
Why not go back to the Roulotte à crêpes
and eat it facing the sea.

Last night near the sea, the opportunity to have a picnic on the beach
and to see the stars light up one by one, taking care not to leave any waste behind.

Day 9

The power of trees

After a last sea bath in the morning and a nice breakfast, go to the Monts d'Arrée for a walk on the ridges or to the Arthus camp. Take the opportunity to go up to the Sainte-Barbe chapel, to look for some shade and coolness. The road trip is coming to an end, there is nothing
like enjoying the power of the trees before returning home.
For the night, you will sleep at the Runellou, in the middle of the countryside in the middle
of birds. Perfect to finish this trip in a beautiful energy.

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