The Van Life
in the wild,
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EVAZION promises exclusive access to exceptional spots on private land in the wilderness to sleep in a van, roof top tent or tent.

No more sleeping on bad spots!

exceptional spots on private land

Fan of nomadic life and van life? Finding incredible spots, available and not very frequented, is starting to become difficult! Thanks to EVAZION, travel in all serenity through magnificent spots found on exceptional private lands.

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On the EVAZION app, find all our exceptional spots, their availability as well as a multitude of experiences to do in the surroundings of each spot.

Don't wait any longer, create your customized trip and book your spots instantly.


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What is travelling with EVAZION?


These are exceptional private plots of land to guarantee a magical landscape in complete tranquillity with a maximum of 3 occupants per plot.


to enhance your trip and give you ideas for picturesque activities.

A Community

of passionate travelers with the desire to contribute to the preservation of the territories.

A word from Olivier, co-founder of EVAZION.

For the past few years, my daughter Eva and I have been going on micro-adventures and van trips whenever the opportunity arises. We really appreciate roaming and all that these road trips bring us. A line from my daughter illustrates this detachment from everything and this reconnection to nature, to others and to ourselves: "But where are we going back to daddy?"

And it is there that the EVAZION project was born... On one of our "secret" beaches in Brittany, the beach of the Dove.

A few moments before sunset, we met a gentleman on a paddle who was landing on "our" beach after having caught two sea bass. He explained to me that he had a piece of land a little higher up, not suitable for building, on which he came as often as possible to relax in a van or tent with his family.

During our various road trips, it became obvious that an increasingly important problem for nomadic travelers was to find a place to sleep. 

... a beautiful spot where you can be in peace in the nature.

Twice a month, let yourself be transported

by the little letter of EVAZION!

Twice a month, let yourself be transported
by the little letter of EVAZION!

and be part of the pioneers by staying connected, the EVAZION team prepares for you great mobile and immobile trips.


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