Sharing and conservation

At EVAZION, there are travelers, but there are also
owners. Those who make a piece of their land

We want to explore the whole of Europe. If you own an unspoilt piece of land in the heart of nature, please contact us.

Turn your property into an evazion spot


I am a refrigerated truck driver and I am on the roads of France all year round. The terrain of the beach of La Colombe is beautiful but I don't have time to go there. It's a real shame that other people can't enjoy it. I entrust my land to you. I really like the values of EVAZION and there should be more people like you.


As a hitchhiker and long-distance sailor, I have been able to discover incredible places around the world. With EVAZION, I now share my region with others through the research and maintenance of some of the most beautiful areas of Finistère. Activities of all kinds are proposed to make these places known and to make the community actively participate in their protection.

one night on an EVAZION spot

100% natural spots

Each spot is a unique place on an exceptional private land to allow you to be as close as possible to nature.

With 1 to 2 vans per spot, it will never be overcrowded.

A local ambassador is in charge of finding new and exceptional places to sleep and authentic experiences for each region covered.

Evazion experience spotlight

Twice a month, let yourself be carried away by the little letter of EVAZION!