Tick tock boom. 4 years ago, the world came to a standstill. The global pandemic hit the stop button on our world's mad rush. We had to reinvent a way of enjoying our home, our surroundings and the people around us. How do you escape within a kilometer? How do you escape home? How to avoid having too much impact? How can we travel differently? Closer, more present, less connected. And since then, nomadism has regained importance.

For two years now, EVAZION has been creating the conditions to promote slow tourism and micro-adventures: a change of scenery just a few dozen or a few hundred kilometers from home. By finding and making accessible private spots in the heart of nature, the challenge has been met, and the feedback has been incredible. Our daily challenge is to reconcile the desire and need for escape without creating a negative impact on the environment. What's more, we strive every day to reverse the vision that dictates that we should not create a negative impact, and instead ask ourselves how we can create a positive one.

As we all know, the experience of being a nomad in the wilderness can transform and humble us. Even over just a few days, it puts us back in our place in the earth's ecosystem, enabling us to see, listen and respect better. By clearing our clutter, we're forced to see our surroundings more clearly, which in turn encourages us to show greater respect for our environment.

For our part, we hold fast to this image of the guardian traveler, the one who no longer consumes his journey but lives it. With adventure, presence and respect. As if each and every one of us had this mission to take care of wherever we go, without this being a constraint. Just that it's normal. That's why we feel the urgent need to democratize this type of travel. Slow travel, whatever you want to call it, is the kind of travel that lets you take a break. To get away from it all. How can we make it as attractive as visiting a country on the other side of the world? How can we ensure that exploring every country is no longer a life goal, but that instead we take care of the time and space that contains us?

We need to find a way to satisfy our thirst for exploration and escape, while contributing to a virtuous circle in which the whole ecosystem can benefit. We all have a responsibility here. Individually, collectively and morally. As nomadic travelers, we are witness to the impact we have on the places we visit when there are too many of us. We need to reclaim our role and move from spectator to actor, from consumer to guardian. We need to protect the most beautiful places in our regions so that our children can enjoy them too.

That's why today, to continue our mission and our adventure, we're joining forces with Huttopia. A company that caught our eye because of its similar values, enthusiasm and mission. Almost like a big sister. EVAZION by Huttopia is the piece of nature that's been missing for all those who put meaning into their travels. In this sense, Huttopia travellers will be able to find out about the Evazion offer, and vice versa, EVAZION nomads will also be able to stay in places with a little more service. There's an old adage that says, "He who wishes to travel far, spares his mount". Travel freely, in the middle of nature, respecting it. That's our vision of tomorrow's tourism.

What if Evazion and Huttopia reinvented nomadic travel to make it the most authentic, responsible and committed form of tourism of our time?" - Olivier Verbeke

our values


The wonder in your eyes at every new step, encounter and experience.


A charter and values that bring hope, a strong commitment to preserve natural lands.


A network of private land where unforgettable encounters and lasting relationships can be made.


The immense freedom to travel the world and feel at home anywhere.


Olivier who is part of the Evazion team


Passionate about natural spaces and van life, this entrepreneur-creator-pioneer likes to share beautiful experiences with his friends, get lost in nature and climb. He created EVAZION, a new challenge that combines his passion for adventure and van life. With his role as explorer, ideator and innovator in the crew, he guides the team to new adventures and challenges, while sharing his passion with his daughter Eva.
Laurie who is part of the Evazion team


Laurie is a student-entrepreneur who has worked in events and communications. She has experience in Australian van life and road trips through the great outdoors. She is in charge of guiding travelers in the van life and managing partnerships and social networks.
Christophe who is part of the Evazion team


As an advertising designer for major brands, he has moved away from this field in recent years to devote himself to meaningful and forward-looking projects. Passionate about water sports and attracted by the great natural spaces and their preservation, he is also very curious. The values of EVAZION and the van life spirit immediately seduced him. He is responsible for the brand image and brings his creativity through his illustrations and photographs.
Gayané who is part of the Evazion team


Passionate about nature, wide open spaces, hiking and flowers, she is above all in search of meaning in her missions. The preservation of the environment is for her a central point of all reflection and action. Dreamy and poetic, she uses writing as her favorite medium. At EVAZION, she is in charge of storytelling and community.
Simon who is part of the Evazion team


Sports coach but also photographer in love with nature, animals and birds, he jumps in his roof tent at the slightest opportunity to explore new horizons. Always in search of the best spot, it's with pleasure that he joined the Evazion team in order to unearth little gems so that you too can immerse yourself in nature.
Eva who is part of the Evazion team


Young teenager who needs freedom, she likes nature and the sea but also the sweetness of home. She likes travelling in a van because it allows her to be at home and everywhere in nature at the same time. Draughtswoman and narrator for EVAZION.


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