Our ambassadors: the artisans of travel

Each region is represented by an ambassador whose mission is to unearth the most beautiful spots and authentic experiences for travelers. This allows us to offer unique, totally immersive trips.

Want to become an ambassador?

The EVAZION team has recently expanded its reach by engaging ambassadors in different regions to discover exceptional locations on private properties.

Their main mission is to ensure the success of your trip by creating conditions of comfort and memorability. They explore the territories in search of unique experiences, amazing sites and stay in touch with you to answer all your questions.

They are also in charge of suggesting activities to do in the surroundings such as hikes, restaurants or must-see viewpoints for a complete trip. As privileged interlocutors of the landowners, they help us to offer a wider and wider range of spots.

Send us a quick email with the area you know by heart 🙂

Evazion Ambassadors

our ambassadors

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