Our ambassadors:
the travel craftsmen

Each region is represented by an ambassador whose mission is to unearth authentic sleeping spots and experiences for travelers. This allows us to offer unique trips, in total immersion in the local know-how and territories. Our ambassadors: the travel craftsmen

Want to become an ambassador?

The EVAZION team has recently expanded its reach by engaging ambassadors in different regions to discover exceptional locations on private properties.

Their main mission is to ensure the success of your trip by creating conditions of comfort and memorability. They explore the territories in search of unique experiences, amazing sites and stay in touch with you to answer all your questions.

They are also in charge of suggesting activities to do in the surroundings such as hikes, restaurants or must-see viewpoints for a complete trip. As privileged interlocutors of the landowners, they help us to offer a wider and wider range of spots.

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our ambassadors

Pierre-Henri who is part of the Evazion team


Pierre-Henri, an engineer turned teacher, has been an ambassador for Brittany since he discovered the team on his home turf in Plozevet. Outside of work, he is an avid surfer, does market gardening and renovation, backpacking and sailing, and is president of the local badminton club.
Manuela ambassador at Evazion


Manuela is passionate about astrophysics and mountains, with activities such as mountaineering and paragliding. She is currently studying computer development, but also has a passion for bicycle travel. Originally from Mayenne, she migrated to the Alps 8 years ago and has now been living in Belledonne for a year. As a strong advocate of the need to rethink our western lifestyles, she joined the EVAZION ambassador team to promote this vision.
Simon who is part of the Evazion team


Simon, living in Belgium, joined the EVAZION team during the summer of 2022 to discover new spots and experiences in Normandy. Passionate about nature, he hopes to attract travelers to authenticity and slow travel.
Didier ambassador at Evazion


Didier is originally from the Pyrenees and lived for 12 years in Brittany, in the Finistère. He has been a vineyard owner in the Corbières for almost 20 years, and recently worked at Blacksheep for 3 years. Passionate about the great outdoors and a strong supporter of local products, he also enjoys off-road cycling. He joined EVAZION to participate in this new adventure.
Teddy ambassador at Evazion


Teddy works in the construction sector and is particularly interested in eco-responsible building systems, with a view to preserving the environment. Passionate about nature and open spaces, he is originally from the Cotentin Marshes, between land and sea. He joined the team of EVAZION ambassadors to discover the beautiful landscapes of Normandy.
Thibaut ambassador at Evazion


Thibault was born in Serre Chevalier and for nearly 20 years, he has been traveling through France and Africa in a van and a ZOE, with a roof tent. Passionate about board sports and travels, he joined EVAZION to discover the magnificent spots and the richness of his region.
Vincent ambassador at Evazion


Vincent is a pure Alsatian, passionate about nature and discovery. He is a convinced vanlifer since 40 years and rents vans since 7 years. He is also an EVAZION ambassador for Alsace, the Vosges and the Jura, with the objective of making people discover the wonders of these regions and generating freedom for all.
Badre ambassador at Evazion


Badre is a travel and van life enthusiast, having opened the Blacksheep van rental agencies in Poitiers and La Rochelle. He joined the ambassador team to share his knowledge of the problem of crowded spots in high season.
Guardian Evazion


Guardian Evazion


Spotlight of the month

The beach of eva

This is where the EVAZION adventure was born. On this spot, Olivier and his daughter Eva dreamed of a service that would make life easier for vanlifers. And for good reason, facing the sea, with the impression of being alone in the world, this little corner of paradise invites you to dream.

Enjoy a fantastic sunset from the last rocks before the sea, schedule a picnic on the beach or above in peace and quiet with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

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