Evazion's list of responsible gift ideas before Christmas

Before the Christmas vacations, the EVAZION team has prepared a small selection of gift ideas to offer or to offer oneself of course. 


We start with books. Yes, when we talk about travel in a van, it is also the occasion to take time to read. So of course, to avoid carrying all your library, a reading machine is probably one of the best investments to make but, nothing prevents you from having some nice books on board.


Here is our small selection


#1 Take the road. This is a beautiful book, certainly one of those that make you dream. In all, 272 pages of road trip to explore the world on board a van. Page after page, we follow the journeys of these nomads who chose to live the adventure on board their van, from the legendary VW Combi to the refurbished Airstream caravan. The photos are magnificent and allow us to discover breathtaking landscapes all over the world, as far as Mongolia. A way to travel without emitting CO2! 


#2 Partir en van: the guide to travel differently. Halfway between a practical guide and a beautiful book, this book answers many practical questions such as how to calculate your budget or how to choose your van. Written by a couple of van lifer, with years of experience on the road, this book is perfect to succeed in your first steps in this adventure that requires a little preparation.


#3 : Vanlife and nomadic life: living, traveling, working... on the road

Based on their experience of life on board their converted van named Tikal, Dana and Stéphane have conceived this book as a real practical guide to take the step of van life. Far from the clichés of Instagram, such a change of life cannot be improvised. Through their experience and numerous testimonies, they review in a very concrete way all the aspects to be taken into account to build a solid project and to launch yourself as serenely as possible.


#4: The Drive Your Adventure Collection

Editions de La Martinière and Apogée have joined forces with the We-Van network and the Drive your Adventure expedition to promote another idea of travel: as a couple, with family or friends, take to the road in a Camper Van, and live an incomparable experience of mobility, freedom and escape. A collection of beautiful books and stories of road trips in France, Europe, Portugal or Norway. To read by the fire or under the tent.


Responsible gift from Evazion


When we think about a special Christmas selection around the van life, we can't not present some emblematic objects or which will allow to embellish a little the daily life. So among the essentials to travel without leaving a trace, I named first the water bottle! And then of course, the multifunctional plaids, cushion covers that are also wardrobe or biodegradable wipes, very useful when showering is a bit complicated.

Otherwise, to get off the beaten track, here are some objects that allow to limit waste, to create moments or experiences and to "take care", as we like, at EVAZION.

The AeroPress coffee maker is the nomad's coffee maker to drink coffee like at home without consuming too much. You can choose between espresso or filter coffee, the advantage of this nomad coffee maker is that it can be washed very easily! And that when you are a van lifer, it is appreciable. The little extra? It can serve between 1 and 3 coffees in a few seconds.

Binoculars. We often repeat it, the advantage of traveling in a van is to be able to stop when you can, on spots in the middle of nature. There is nothing like waking up in the middle of a bird's song or a deer's bellow. Finally, it is still necessary to see them without disturbing them. A small pair of binoculars in the truck and the trick is done. Moreover, it can also be the occasion to live a stalking, a few hours or a night in a place where we know that animals pass and we feel quickly in the skin of a wildlife photographer. 

The Trash Grabber, this kind of large telescopic grabber to collect waste on the time of a stroll. Here is an easily transportable object which also allows to remove a certain number of waste from our environment. Cans, plastic packaging, cigarette butts, what we find on the roadside or on the beach is desolate and sometimes even dangerous for the animals that live and graze in these places. This is a useful gift that also gives another role to the traveler, that of protector of his travel environment. 

A little more technological but nevertheless essential for the summer evenings, the solar lamp. Most of the trips are done in summer and having a lamp outside allows to prolong the feeling of living in the nature, before "going to bed". We opt for a solar lamp rather than battery for the more ecological side in term of energy. Easy to recharge, most lamps have at least 24 hours of autonomy. 

Responsible gift from Evazion

Without forgetting the notebooks of all kinds to tell what we live or what simply passes through our head. The most artistic among us can take a palette of watercolors and a rechargeable brush and hop, the travel notebook is not far.
For those who are less inspired, the publisher Aventura has released a travel book adapted for van lifers to plan, live and memorize their road trip.

And why not offer nights on exceptional spots? This is what we propose with our Christmas Pack, for all those who want to offer a slow travel experience. 

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