Nomadic travel. Yes, summer is here, and with it the desire to travel and discover new places. Who doesn't dream of jumping into a car or a train and finding themselves somewhere else for a few days? So we thought it was time to help you make those dreams come true.


You already have several options!

Do you prefer to travel light? No problem, a car, a roof tent or a ground tent and off you go. You can do like Amélie, an Instagram influencer who travels all summer in a roof tent, testing out different models. You'll soon realize that a roof tent is also a great way to travel light in terms of equipment.

For the more adventurous? Choose to travel by bike or on foot. Your distances may be shorter, but the experience of time and travel is worth it. And best of all, you can choose between pitching a tent or sleeping in a gite. In any case, you'll find yourself right in the middle of slow travel and that much-vaunted disconnection from time. 

At the other extreme, the "more comfortable" option, all things considered, is the van of course, or the converted vehicle. Remember that a small van and its recreational vehicle will absolutely do the trick. 

In short, the first step to a nomadic adventure is to choose the right mode of transport.

Travel by van


Once we have the means of transport, the big question is... Where are we going? Yes, you'd think that would be a simple question, but it isn't? Between places that are forbidden to van-type vehicles, because regulations are sometimes difficult and, above all, change from place to place, and those that don't accept animals, it's easy to end up in a parking lot or a hidden campsite. And before you know it, there's the hassle, the arguments, the irritation, the bad plans. We saw it again recently, when XXX talked about it in his story. It's hard to find a seaside spot without being illegal. 

In short. The destination isn't always obvious, and we've got a few suggestions for you. As you'll come to know us, we like to talk about the less-frequented, wilder places, the ones that offer a change of scenery without going too far. The ones that make us say "wow, it's so beautiful here" even though we've travelled a hundred kilometers. And as we travel the length and breadth of France to unearth our spots, we have a few to share with you.
For example, in Brittany, near the Pointe de Primel and the coast along the customs path.

Also in Normandy, near Saint Valéry en Caux and Veules les Roses, with some magnificent seaside walks and visits to picturesque villages. 

There are also wonderful spots in the Pyrenees, in the Alps around Annecy and in the Ardennes. 

And for those who want to go further afield, the center of Portugal, which is less well known than the coast, is still a very unspoilt place, surrounded by nature. 

In a van in the mountains


Of course, enjoy. The weather, the elements (the sea, the mountains or the countryside) and the associated activities that appeal to you. 

Each time, you can also include time to go and meet people or skills that may be on your way. Sometimes it's as simple as passing through a village and discovering a potter's or ceramist's workshop, or following a coastal path and meeting a sailor who will show you around his boat. Just let yourself be carried away on a GR for a day. 


In short, there are many possibilities, but you have to give yourself enough time to seize the opportunities. Van life in the broadest sense has this flexible aspect, which is very positive. In the end, you stay two nights in the same place instead of one, or conversely, you drive further to see that little spot you spotted earlier on the map. That's why it often rhymes with freedom. But in the end, what we've seen from our own experience is that this kind of freedom requires a minimum of preparation.

Observing nature on a nomadic journey


To make up your mind: a number of nights, a region, a mode of locomotion, that's enough. You can organize your nomadic trip on your own, or call on professionals who can advise you on tours, for example. 

And during the trip, a pillow, a few practical utensils, a water bottle and some dry food for a basic meal. And don't forget wipes (we can't stress this enough 😉 )
Incidentally, we've also noticed that a useful item is a zipped pillow cover that serves both as storage for clothes, or your down jacket for example (yes, nights can be chilly depending on where you are!) and as a pillow. This way, you don't have to take a lot of pillows to keep comfortable. 

And outside the van, it's always useful, if only to store shoes, for example. We loved this trick when we discovered it 

Here's our advice on how to travel this summer while taking care of your carbon footprint and impact on the planet. At a time when toxic fumes are filling the air in New York, when Siberia is experiencing its worst heat wave ever and when Canadian forests are burning, we think it's important to also think about what we can do on our own scale while enjoying an extraordinary vacation. 

Accessories for nomadic travel

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