Travel trends in 2023

There are still a few days left in the month of January and it was an opportunity for the team to explore a bit of the 2023 trends for travel. 


What stands out since the COVID 19 pandemic is a strong desire for nature, stays focused on well-being or local immersion. There is no need to go very far to get a change of scenery. Next in the travelers' concerns are the issues of roaming, disconnection as well as responsible and local tourism.

In 2023, we want to travel disconnected, immersed and in family. 

For a few years now, the big trend has been adventure. Family adventure trips have been steadily increasing for the last 5 years, up to 750%. But what is the adventure to look for? Mainly disconnection. For more than half of the French, vacations are starting to rhyme with "off the grid". This need to disconnect, to get out of their daily life is an indirect effect of the over-connection linked to the pandemic and to teleworking.

And then in the idea of adventure, it is also a question of pushing one's limits, leaving one's comfort zone, daring to take a step! Of course, adventure can be accompanied by nature, observation of the fauna and flora of a territory, but also by sports, or multi-activities, a clever mix between city-trips and nature escapes. We also see more and more mixes of hiking and yoga, nature and well-being or climbing and culinary discovery. Something for everyone! 

Travel trend in 2023


Despite the desire to escape and disconnect, the question of cost will remain central in 2023. This is not very surprising given the multiple crises we are going through, whether it is the economic, energy or ecological crisis. But the majority of people still consider travel as a must and travelers will wait for promotions or flexibility to be able to go. Off-season travel or longer itineraries will appear more advantageous for those who can afford it. 

In any case, local tourism continues to grow, knowing that 90% of consumers say they plan to take a vacation in their country. The era of the van life, or staycation, is not yet over. Here again, economic or ecological choice, travelers continue to explore territories closer to home. This also corresponds to a desire for more responsible tourism for some, via micro-adventures, local tourism in connection with local communities. 

What about you? How will you travel in 2023?

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