Van life with children

When we think of van life, we immediately imagine into the wild, solo travel in the wilderness, isolated and in search of meaning or adventure. But today, nomadic travel in the broadest sense of the word is also a family affair, whether with children or teenagers.


The first thing these families look for when we interview them is a quest for a little more freedom and nature. Of course, when you have to be outside most of the time, you take a different kind of time. And very quickly, the desire to be out in nature takes over. The urge to travel, to take in the scenery, always a little further away, seems easy. And whether you're solo or with your family, the result is the same. This feeling of being outside all the time, of living with the sun or the elements, of disconnecting from time and geography without necessarily going very far, all those who travel say it's quite magical.
LE plus when you're with your family, it's also a certain ease of travel and even a degree of autonomy once you've got your own van. Fancy a weekend away on a whim? Just pack a few things, get something to eat and hit the road. These are typical adventures shared by the 4 vadrouilleurs, a traveling family with 2 teenagers, through their blog.


We need to demystify things right away. It's not always easy to travel as a family. Promiscuity can sometimes be a real burden. Fortunately, all it takes is a quick stop somewhere and everyone can find a little more space. The older the children get, the trickier it can be, although each age has its own challenges. Travelling with a baby who puts everything in his mouth, for example, can also be a little stressful. But here again, all those who have tried the experience are unanimous: the quality of the time spent far outweighs these little stresses and inconveniences.

vanlife with children


Because when it comes to van life, or nomadic travel, let's be honest, apart from long-distance autonomous treks, you don't spend your life in your home-vehicle. You spend a lot of time in it, yes, but it's still a house on wheels. And above all, the starting point for a number of adventures yet to be created. As Aurélie, an EVAZION traveler, would say, when the world becomes your home and nature your playground, the moment inevitably comes when you make friends. Those who explore the same lands, share the same hopes and desires for discovery. These encounters embellish the journey, make it unique and leave the most beautiful memories. 

And with these encounters come a range of activities, from paddleboarding to rock-climbing, hiking, pebble pyramids and historical tours. 

Strengthening family ties

Nomadic life is both full and empty, with time flowing differently. It allows you to spend quality time with other family members, without screens, in a different relationship to time. Living very close together on a day-to-day basis can also strengthen communication, as this longer time allows it. We literally "live" together. This also helps create memories and adventures. It's Aurélie again who tells us that, between two conversations, we take a moment to admire in silence her children who are living their most beautiful life, sharing it with those who, only yesterday, were strangers, today, their best friends and tomorrow, a sweet childhood memory.

Sometimes, though, it can also get a little bumpy at times. With fatigue, stress or simply the unknown associated with travel.


Van life adventure with children


"You learn differently when you travel". Children who travel with their families instead of going to school, for example, learn many new skills. By meeting new people and learning new skills, we learn to open up to others and to the world around us, leaving plenty of room for curiosity and questioning, whether for the young or the old. In the end, everyone learns, and perhaps first and foremost about themselves. 


In van, there's no room for the superfluous. Everyone has to make an effort. So how do you manage when there are 4 of you? At most, a few books, a deck of cards and a basic kit for drawing and crafting: colored pencils, scissors, wool and string. The same goes for clothes, with basics and layering.

It's not always easy not to take your home with you, but if there's one thing a teenager won't forget, it's his or her phone. It's important to stay connected (even if screen time is generally shorter). 

And with a baby? We get organized: the ground becomes our best friend, and games are found outside when a pine cone becomes a rattle. Nature has many resources.

child education and vanlife


It's worth noting that this type of travel is also suitable for solo parents. Road trip moms agree on one thing: it's a lot easier to take off with toddlers in a van than by plane or train! On Instagram, there are a few accounts of solo moms traveling by van or caravan with babies or toddlers. Whether it's for a weekend, a vacation or several months, roaming is the stuff of dreams. It sometimes requires a little more organization - especially when the children are small - but there's also a certain amount of letting go. The result is often an unforgettable adventure. 

We've also noticed this at EVAZION with a few travelers who take this time with their children and who have reported to us that what impressed them was the quality of the time they spent together, at the same time, they didn't worry about where they were going to sleep 😉 

parent solo vanlife

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