2023 : The 10 resolutions of EVAZION

In 2022 the EVAZION team gathered around the idea of making van travel more accessible and more serene, especially for those who were hesitating to take the plunge. The bet was kept as more than 300 travelers discovered our spots and our philosophy. 


In 2022 we talked a lot about spots, regions, travels, road trips and it's time in 2023, to assert our philosophy a little more. Of course, there will still be new regions to discover and beautiful announcements to come. But for this beginning of the year, we will rather dive into our philosophy and our values.

You may have already read it, our manifesto published at the beginning of the adventure reflects our ambition. This strong sentence "And if the traveler also became a guardian" has infused us throughout this year, joining also different concerns of the team members and even of some partners. We thought about it, we are still thinking about it but clearly, the events and climatic hazards of this year force us to accelerate this part of EVAZION. Especially since it is a criticism that we have already heard: how do we manage the hundreds of kilometers in van when we want to preserve nature.

Here are a few tracks of answers, of what we intend to implement also in the form of 10 actions that the EVAZION team commits to hold throughout 2023.

Map of spots

1. Join the 1% for the planet collective

2. Create a community of eco-responsible and conscious travelers

3. To propose virtuous trips with environmental preservation actions in our experiences

4. Participate ourselves in actions to preserve the environment

5. Work with our ambassadors and owners to provide our travelers with the most sensitive, authentic and engaged experiences

6. To anchor EVAZION in the territories by creating strong links with the local actors

7. Choose partners who share our values and commitments

8. Offset at least part of the carbon footprint of exploration trips

9. Smartly offer our travelers the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their trip 

10. Challenge ourselves. Always

SEE YOU IN 2024?

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